NightWatch Statistics Invoke Notable Revelation: 31 October 2016

NightWatch Chaplain, Arelene conducted a presentation on the statistics and outcomes for the NightWatch service. The comments from her colleagues indicated the impact that this service has on the local community. Want to know what they said?

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Emotional scenes as tourists and locals try to make sense of theme park deaths:, 26 October 2016

This was the Dreamworld car park as no one ever wanted to see it... Not to mention a vehicle with the word ‘Chaplain’ plastered on its front doors and a slogan on the rear ones that couldn’t have been more fitting — “Watching out for you when good times go bad.”

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 New campaign to stamp out Brisbane violence: Channel 7 News, 5 September 2016

The 'Just Let it Go' Program is launched in Brisbane

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Lockout laws: NightWatch chaplain Lance Mergard and others work miracles in Fortitude Valley: The Australian, 13 February 2016

A half-moon night and a half-cut woman walks south on Wickham Street howling sexual obscenities to three friends walking north... “Let’s pray,” says Lance Mergard, 64-year-old founding member of the NightWatch Chaplains, a group of volunteers who have walked the Fortitude Valley bar precinct every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night since 2001, watching over and responding to people in crisis; the longest-running mobile “intentional intervention” street chaplain service in the world.

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myPolice Brisbane Central: Alcohol related violence, 11 January 2016

We’ve seen campaigns such as One Punch Can Kill and Stop the Coward Punch emerge as the people try to communicate that alcohol related violence, in particular assaults where the victim is essentially blind-sided and unaware that an assault is coming, is reprehensible and unacceptable.

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ChaplainWatch Press Release, January 2016

On behalf of ChaplainWatch, and the NightWatch Chaplains, we extend to the family and friends of Cole Miller our deepest sympathy in his unnecessary and violent death.

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Vigil held for Cole Miller by NightWatch Chaplains, January 2016

A vigil was held on Monday night 4 January 2016 for Cole Miller, the teenager who died following an alleged king hit in Fortitude Valley on Sunday morning, at the site of the attack in Chinatown Mall.

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Busselton crime rates lowest in region, July 2014

The South West policing district did well as a whole this end of financial year, with crime rates down 12.9 percent - the best result of all police regional districts. Senior Sergeant Principe made a special mention of the Street Chaplains who conduct foot patrols of the Busselton CBD every Friday and Saturday nights.

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612 ABC Brisbane Radio Interview, Why Queensland police officers will pretend to be drunk, June 2014

In the State Budget the Newman government is spending more than $44 million towards its Safe Night Out plan. It'll fund alcohol education for children, counselling services and sobering up centres in nightlife areas.

The program will also include undercover police pretending to be drunk to check up on the enforcement of liquor licensing laws.

Steve spoke to the Member for Brisbane Robert Cavallucci about the Safe Night Out Strategy.

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Inaugural National Roundtable Street Chaplain’s Symposium, 20-22 May 2014

The Street Chaplain ministries across the nation are dynamic, effective, professional and are making real differences in a specific field of community service ministry that has become acknowledged by Governments, officials and the private sector, as vital and necessary. Each Street Chaplaincy is an autonomous community service ministry, choosing to join together nationally in cooperative fellowship.

The purpose of the National Street Chaplain's Symposium was to commence a dialogue with participants about the establishment of a national network of night-time street chaplains.The Symposium offered a unique opportunity to come together for the first time, to meet each other face to face and get to know what each ministry is doing on the ground.


Broncos bond with ChaplainWatch, 10 September 2013

NRMA Insurance Broncos Scott Prince, Alex Glenn and Corey Oates received a visit from Broncos Charity Partner, ChaplainWatch, after training last week.

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612 ABC Brisbane Radio Interview, 4 July 2013

After the official opening of the NightSafe facility in Fortitude Valley's Chinatown Mall on 4 July 2013, Senior Chaplain Lance Mergard sat down with reporter Terri Begley from 612 ABC Brisbane radio.

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  Channel 7 Today Tonight report, September 2012

Watch the Channel 7 Today Tonight story that highlighted the problems of binge drinking, especially with females. 'Young women behaving badly'.

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  Promotional Video, June 2012

This video was created by Jono Shaw for ChaplainWatch, to illustrate some of the reallife and raw situations dealt with by the NightWatch Chaplains on a standard Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.

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  Brisbane Broncos Promotional Video, April 2012

The Broncos Charities fund generously provided a grant to ChaplainWatch to be used towards setting up a second NightWatch vehicle.

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Safety Patrol: mX Newspeper, April 2012

BRISBANE'S party zone peacekeepers will start patrolling footy matches at Suncorp Stadium from tonight. 

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Walking under the Influence: Brisbane Times, February 2012

While drink-driving has long been recognised as a danger to motorists and pedestrians alike, walking inebriated can also pose risks.

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Former Bellbird Park resident is fondly remembered: Quest Brisbane South, November 2011

THE NightWatch Chaplains have paid tribute to the late Bellbird Park resident Larry John Evans with an annual award named in his honour.

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Budget cuts night patrol services: City North News, June 2011

NIGHTWATCH patrols in the inner-city will be forced off the streets on Thursday nights after funding was cut from yesterday’s Brisbane City Council budget.

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Student night to lose safety service: Brisbane Times, June 2011

NightWatch's patrols of entertainment precincts will halt on Thursday nights after the safety group lost funding in yesterday's Brisbane City Council budget.

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NightWatch cash party pooper: City News, June 2011

NIGHTWATCH patrols will be off the streets on Thursday nights after funding was cut from yesterday’s Brisbane City Council budget.

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Locked and loaded, it's just another night in the Valley, The Sunday Mail (QLD), August 29 2010

Unable to walk in a straight line, they criss-cross their way across the mall.

Occasionally one stumbles and needs to be picked up by a friend. Others need to be carried along  and it's still three hours until the 3am nightclub lockout.

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Random street checks defended, The Courier-Mail, September 06 2010

Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts has defended random "street checks" by the state's officers.

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  1000 in cuffs: Police alcohol blitz: Watch the news item online, September 2010

Police crackdown on alcohol related violence on the weekend snares more than 1000 arrests.

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Young women black out in soaring numbers: Herald Sun, September 2010

Ladette culture is rising with an alarming growth in the number of young women binge drinking and blacking out.

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  Channel 7 News Report, 2010: Watch the Feature Story Online

Reporter Kim Skubris and her camera man once again took to the streets to highlight a typical night in Brisbane's entertainment hotspots. More now than ever, there is a need for a safe haven to protect those victims of drug and alcohol fuelled violence.

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Media Comment by Senior Chaplain: Courier Mail, August 2010

'Fantasy turns to terror for druggies', by James O'Loan. A toxic batch of illicit drugs is causing "paranoia almost to the point of terror" for users from Fortitude Valley to Logan.

Senior Chaplain, Lance Mergard is approached to provide his insight on this serious issue.

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  Channel 7 News Report, 2008: Watch the Feature Story Online

Channel 7 aired as their feature story an expose on the work of the NightWatch chaplains. Reporter Kim Skubris and her camera man shadowed the NightWatch Chaplains for 5 hours on a typical Friday night.

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  As Seen on Channel 7's Morning Show - Sunrise, 2006: Watch the Interview Online

They are keeping the peace on the streets of Brisbane. They have been called Guardian Angels, and for good reason

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