2015 Rotary International 'Paul Harris Fellow'

Lance received the honour of being recognised with a Paul Harris Fellow in September 2015. When a person is recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow, they are presented with a Certificate signed by the Rotary International President and the Chairman of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.

2014 Rotary Pride of Workmanship Award

2013 Lord Mayor's Australia Day Awards

Award winners for 2013. Recognising those who have made Brisbane a better place to be.

Lance Mergard

It is with great honour that Lance Mergard accepted the Brisbane Citizen of the Year award on Thursday 24 January 2013 from The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, Councillor Graham Quirk.

"Each year the Lord Mayor's Australia Day Awards pay tribute to the special people in our city who have gone above and beyond their civic duty to help improve the lives of others.

With a variety of different backgrounds, these unique individuals have each their own way, selflessly reached out to others in our communty. In doing so, they have not only made a significant difference to the lives of individuals, but have also helped enrich our city.

Many of our award winners are quiet achievers, going about thier work day in and day out unnoticed in their busy lives. This award is about taking the time to ensure these remarkable individuals are appropriately recognised for their efforts and to thank them for helping make Brisbane an even better place for us all to live.

On behalf of the Brisbane Community, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the 2013 Lord Mayor's Austtralia Day winners and nominees. Your tireless work and dedication is greatly appreciated." Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor.

"Lance is a very modest man who quietly goes about the task of responding to any person in need, at risk or in a crisis. He is truly deserving of being recognised for the tremendous work he does across Brisbane." Nominator.

"Lord Mayor, Councillors, distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman.

I have received many kindnesses in my life, but the honour, which you accord me, is without parallel. With your concurrence I would like to accept it on behalf of the many other citizens of Brisbane who also volunteer their time and skills, to care and share.

The only title in our democracy, superior to that of Lord Mayor, is the title of citizen. To be awarded Citizen of the Year is overwhelming. 

It was Aristotle who said “It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen.”

What drives me, as a human, is my deep unswerving faith, and embedded in it is the belief that every human is created in God’s image. This is not an argument for creation against evolution; rather it is an acknowledgement of the wonder and uniqueness of every person, young or old, male or female, regardless of skin, orientation or belief.  

What my faith teaches me is that everyone has a God-breathed destiny, a compass to direct their life, to shape their personality, to give hope, purpose and meaning.  Yet what experience has taught me is that one bad decision can quench the joy of life and thwart the fulfilment of one’s destiny.

Come with me onto the streets of this our wonderful city, after midnight, and you will meet a population equal to a large provincial town, equivalent to say Maryborough or Gladstone.  30,000, give or take a few thousand, come with the focus of ‘having a good time’.  Unfortunately for some, their good times turn bad. 

Alcohol blurred decisions let loose the dogs of war. All too often there is collateral damage—the destruction of their God-given destiny.  One punch can kill. One bad action can destroy a future.  

Nothing grieves me more than to see one act of stupidly spoil a person’s prospect.  One conviction can stop a person from joining the mines, military, or public service and more distressingly they will never get to see Disneyland.

As a citizen of this great city, I have chosen to intentionally intervene.  Helping just one person from doing something so dumb that it will destroy their destiny, is my goal.  

And I have found many, with similar hearts, who want to stand together as volunteers.  They find passion in their soul and bravery in their spirit to proactively act.  In doing so, we have seen hundreds diverted from potential ruin to continue life’s adventure of finding their true path.

Until we as a community come to terms with our collective obsession with alcohol, young lives will continue to be impeded from fulfilling their destinies.

Lord Mayor, your award illuminates the theme of citizenship, and as such, one’s responsibility and reason for service, to which I have devoted a large part of my life. 

I would ask you to accept and to convey to Council, my solemn and heartfelt appreciation for this unique distinction, which will always be proudly remembered by myself, my wife and family and my amazing colleagues with whom I serve in your great city of Brisbane." Lance Mergard, Acceptance Speech.

2011 The Valley Chamber Community Safety Group's Award

2009 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award

Crime Prevention Award

2009 Rotary Club, Pride of Workmanship

The Pride of Workmanship seeks to identify individuals whose exemplary contributions to their vocations are worthy of public acknowledgement.

The program is designed to acknowledge any member of our community, irrespective of age or vocation, who displays outstanding qualitiies in terms of approach, dedication, attitude and commitment to service.

The program has gained wide recognition both in Australia and overseas for its encouragement of excellence in the workplace.

Lance Mergard was awarded the Pride of Workmanship in 2009 by the Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise.

2002 QAS Commissioners Commendation Award for Bravery

On 11 September 2001, and about four hours before that historical world shattering disaster in New York, Lance was on duty as Chaplain, in the Valley area, when a street fight broke out. Three men traded punches and wrestled each other until one was pushed through a shopfront plate glass window. The result was an arm being severely severed, cutting the artery. Blood flowed so freely that within a couple of minutes blood was freely flowing into the gutter. Lance stepped in administering life saving first aid. Paramedics maintained that within five minutes, if untreated, he would die. The Police responded similarly and cordoned off the area making it a serious crime scene.

On the 8 January 2002, Lance was presented with a Commissioners Commendation award for bravery, citing, "...rendering life-saving first aid to a critically injured person under difficult circumstances and at personal risk..." by the Queensland Ambulance Service.